HOMKOM - 7 Pack / 6 Cup Silicone Cake Pan
HOMKOM - COMBO PACK Silicone Hot Handle Holder
HOMKOM - Silicone Donut Baking Pan
Silicone Pot Holder
HOMKOM - Silicone Assist Hot Handle Holder ( 2 Pack )
HOMKOM - Silicone Handle Holder 3-Pack
HOMKOM - 2 Piece Grill Pan Scrapers
HOMKOM - 2 Piece Cast Iron Skillet Scraper
About Us
HOMKOM is a Production and sales as one of the company. We have business with many top brands. We have a team of experienced design team, they are very pay attention to the product cost ,weight and function. They always can give you extra suggestions to enhance your product line. In order to keep the best quality, we import all silicone materials from the USA and Germany, Our products quality meets worldwide standards, including FDA of the USA and LFGB of Germany. We have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of silicone houseware in China.
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