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Silicone Material Standard-----SGS

Description: The silicone material common standard are FDA, LFGB, SGS. The author describe those silicone material standard separately on three articles.
SGS is the leading examine, appraisal, test and certificated organization in the world, its quality and credit is also approved by the global.
SGS is a comprehensiveness examine institution, can do physical, chemistry and metallurgy analysis, including destruction property and non-destruction property test. SGS can provide a complete set of quality and quantity examine and the relative technical service. It can also provide the examine service before packing and transport, provide various international trade relative services (such as commodity technique, transport and storage ). SGS can supervise the all or any part of business trade and operation process which relate to purchase and sale, commerce, raw material, industry equipment, consumption goods move etc.
The key service of SGS divide into four categories, those are examine, test, certificated and appraisal.
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