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Silicone Products Manufacture Process-One

Description: The article simple describe silicone kitchen products manufacture process. Let you rough understand the strict demand of producing silicone kitchen products.
First, design pictures. Designed pictures is usually drawing according to the customer's sample manuscript. Generally use two dimensional drawing software,  such as CDR or AI. If the customer can not provide sample manuscript, we can also draw the sample manuscript free according to the customer's demand.

Second, mold opening. Mold master make the jellygraph basis on customer's sample manuscript , and carve out the steel mould finally. Mold opening time is usually five days. Have the mold, the production will be fast.
Third, toning and rubber mixing. According to the customer specify color in the international PANTONG SYSTEM, our company can match relative color, and will not have chromatism .
Forth, check and approve the material.  Each silicone kitchen product required material have to measure by electron weighter.

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