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How To Distinguish Silicone Material Quality
Wear resistant
Good silicone material's appearance will not be wear and tear because of outside friction. It will not affect appearance, logo, color. In opposite, poor quality silicone products' logo easy to drop out.

Good quality silicone products will have good flexibility, because good flexibility mainly come from Silica gel molecule segmental motion.

Fatigue resistance
When silicone product suffer alternating stress, silicone material's structure changes, this situatioin called fatigue. As the process of fatigue, causing silicone products' destroy, this situation called the destroy of fatigue.

Tearing intensity
If tearing intensity is good, silicone products  will enhance ability to resistance destroy, can be used longer, not easy to influence by environment.

Hardness is also a index to distinguish silicone material quality.The higher  hardness, the silicone material not always will be better.
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