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What is "Silicone rubber" and "silicone"
"Silicone rubber" and "silicone", is the name from "silicone sand" refining and become "silicone" made of plastic kind material, attribute extremely stable, ultraviolet radiation, ozone and extreme temperature and most chemical agents can change the properties. By silica gel manufactured products also won't aging harden, the external force under the influence won't crack, flake, corruption or improver. Silicon rubber products with excellent high/low temperature stability (50-+ 300 degrees Celsius), so it can be suitable for the microwave heating, oven for, and the flame, the direct contact with cooking, low temperature storage and frozen, etc.; Silicon rubber products also has the very good ability of heat resistance, can be used for high temperature control, or as a pot of table cushion with high temperature pot; In addition, silicone material, by the United States food and drug administration (FDA) food safety testing, direct contact with food without any problems.
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