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HOMKOM - 2 Piece Grill Pan Scrapers
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HOMKOM - 2 Piece Grill Pan Scrapers
Product Name:HOMKOM - 2 Piece Grill Pan Scrapers

HOMKOM - Grill Pan Scrapers,Plastic Kitchen Scrapers (Red + Black(large ))

1: 100% Food Grade Plastic(PC) Material

2: The Scraper is BPA Free and Dishwasher safe

3: The Cleaner is Safer for Hands and Easy to Use

4:Straight edges and curves for flat and curved areas

5:Different Shaped Corners for Cleaning any Shaped Pan

HOMKOM is proud to present this incredible value 2 piece set! 

All these products are tested by the FDA. 

Please Do not MISS a real good product, which is coming with Premium quality, Unbeatable price and Excellent customer service! 

Item dimensions :
 (3.2x3.2 inches ) and ( 0.58 ounces ) 

These are perfect for your cast iron skillets and all-metal cookware 

Cooked on food residue on your pots and pans? Not a problem with the Polycarbonate pan scrapers. These scrapers make dishwashing ten times easier, and can also be used for food preparation. 

Helps keeps your pots and pans clean,different shaped corners for cleaning any shaped pan
Use it to help with cleaning your hand wash pans or the tough baked on leftovers, then easily wash this tool in the dishwasher for an easy clean up. 

The Durable Polycarbonate Pan Scrapers come in a pack of 2 and make cleaning the stuck on food from cookware a breeze. Moulded in rugged Polycarbonate, designed safely to scrape without scratching. Each corner is a different design to easily clean any crevice or corner. Ideal for all cookware, with or without non-stick surfaces, and does not collect food particles. Dishwasher safe.

Fits most brands including Caphalon, La cuisine, Lodge, Le Creuset, Cuisinart, Wagner.Gotham Steel .

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