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HOMKOM - Silicone Pot Holder
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HOMKOM - Silicone Pot Holder
Product Name:HOMKOM - Silicone Pot Holder

HOMKOM - Silicone Pot Holder

  • HOMKOM Silicone is 100% FDA Grade and BPA Free
  • Suitable Temperature From -104ºF to 464ºF (-40ºC to 240ºC)
  • Practically Everything Washes Off The Nonstick Surface With Ease
  • Dishwasher Safe. No Texture on The Products Makes Them Easy To Clean
  • Slide Onto Hot Handle Holders With Secure, Comfortable and Stable Grip

    HOMKOM is proud to present this incredible value 1 piece silicone Handle Holder ! All these products are tested by the FDA.

    Please Do not MISS a real good product, which is coming with Premium quality, Unbeatable price and Excellent customer service!

    1 Silicone Hot Handle Holders 

    Item dimensions : 5.6x2 inches 1.6 ounces, These are perfect for your cast iron skillets and all-metal cookware 


    Fits most brands including Caphalon, La cuisine, Lodge, Le Creuset, Cuisinart, Wagner.Gotham Steel .

    HomKom's designs, produces, and sells premium quality and handy kitchen utensils.

    Our aim is to make customer daily cooking easier and happier, also help to make the kitchen looking fashion and vivid.

    With HomKom Kitchen Utensils, it is easier to cook because they are handy and flexible.

    With HomKom Kitchen Utensils, it is simple to grab and cook because they are safe, quality guaranteed, modern designed and eye catching.

    Can't wait to enjoy the high quality, flexibility and convenience of the HomKom Utensils? Please now press the "Add to Cart" button on the upper right of this main page.

    HomKom, a wise Choice!

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